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Life coaching is a type of talking therapy that aims to address specific personal goals and life transitions, such as relationships or profession, and discover what the obstacles or challenges may be, and finding out how to make changes to achieve these goals. It is designed to reveal and utilise an individuals full potential.


Sometimes individuals that use life coaching are lacking self-confidence or find that their daily routine isn’t as enjoyable or exciting as they’d like it to be.

If your self-worth is low, or you are struggling with a challenge then life coaching might be the way to go about addressing these issues.


Usually a life coaching session will take place face-to-face, however sometimes it can be done over the phone or online.


Some of the things individuals want to work on with a life coach:


  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Planning – life, career, business

  • Moving past personal obstacles and fears

  • Financial security and independence

  • Balancing personal and business life

  • Making decisions

  • Designing strategies for success

  • Communicating clearly and succinctly

  • Important life transitions

  • Building strong relationships

  • Living an ideal life

  • Making money

  • Getting organised


A life coach can provide an individual with guidance, empowerment and improvement.


  • Guidance – the life coach will provide the individual with the tools and support needed to help reach goals.

  • Empowerment – coaches will aim to help an individual realise their self-worth and self-belief.

  • Improvement – helping the individual to reach their goals, and move from where they are to where they want to be.

  • Accountability – a lot of life coaches will contact their clients on a regular basis in order to keep updated with progress and provide the extra needed support and motivation needed to keep on track.

  • Expertise – trained life coaches know exactly how to help individuals; they help to set goals, aid in structure and achieve greater productivity.

  • Delivery – a life coach will use the right words and techniques to help you to become naturally motivated. They won’t nag or negatively approach a situation, but rather help to integrate new ways of thinking and how to take action to work towards the individual’s goals.



What to expect from life coaching:


  • An initial session might start by taking a look at the individuals life and what area they are looking at improving.

  • Goals will be agreed upon between the individual and life coach. These goals will be broken down into smaller, achievable objectives and assessed in future sessions.

  • Techniques will be given to the individual to help achieve what has been agreed, and additional support will be given during the sessions.

  • Empowerment is an important part of the sessions, and the individual will be required to utilise this in-between sessions. You will need to possess the drive and focus to want to make the changes necessary.

  • The individual’s thought process will be assessed, and alterations will be suggested to help the individual to make positive changes.


Life coaching enables you to see things clearly by taking a step back and assessing and shedding new light on a situation. A life coach can act as a sounding board and help to work through difficult decisions, help to sharpen skills and to promote motivation.  ©VM