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Give up nicotine patches

Stop smoking, vaping or give up nicotine patches with hypnosis, or your money back guaranteed!

Did you know that in 2017/18, according to the NHS, there were 489,300 hospital admissions and in 2017, 77,800 people died in the United Kingdom due to nicotine related diseases?
If you don't want to join that list, then sign up for our "Stop Smoking with hypnosis" programme.

Benefits of giving up nicotine related products:



When you give up smoking, you regain the use of your tastebuds and begin to taste your food again.


As a non-smoker, you will find a new lease of life, being fitter and less tired than you have in a long time.


When you give up smoking, your clothes will no longer continually smell of smoke or other related aromas.


General Health

Your general health will improve immensely. Climbing stairs will no longer be a chore. Reaching for the cigarette packet as soon as you wake up in the morning will be a thing of the past.

No more having to go outside on those cold winter nights while at the pub or restaurant to get a fix.


Weight Loss

Hypnosis can also be used to help with weight related issues.



You may have smoked in order to relieve stress symptoms. If that were the case, then stress relieving techniques will be taught after treatment. 

Sign up now and you can join the programme for not the asking price of £750.00,

not £600.00


That's a massive 66% saving!

Sign up today and you will receive:

1. A face to face session of about 60 -90 minute duration

2. A recording of the session for you to listen to as instructed, to reinforce the face to face work (valued at £100)

3. A report on the affect of nicotine on the body (valued at £50)

4. A 100% guarantee to refund your money in full if you don't quit smoking etc after following the instructions given

Also, the gifts are yours to keep no matter what.

"That's expensive!" I hear you say. But take a moment to think about that. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, that costs you on average, £10. That's £70 per week and £3,360 a year. Vaping costs you on average £440.
So for less than the cost of two months of cigarettes you will be saving yourself £3,360 per year.
If there are two smokers in your household, that's a potential saving of £6,720 per annum. 
Offer only applies to residents of the United King and Ireland