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"…I was attacked at work. I had been mistaken for someone else. My life had been put in jeopardy. Don helped me through the recovery process. Now I am working for myself and couldn't be happier..."

- Steve


Below are just a few testimonials from previous clients I have helped to overcome various issues through my services.

"When I was out one night, I was assaulted. The attack left emotional scars. Whenever I left the house, I was confused. If I went one way, I was okay but if I turned in the opposite direction I felt anxious. As Don and I worked together, he helped me to realise that I was avoiding certain places as they reminded me of my assault. Now, thanks to Don, I can go to these places and not be bothered by them..." 

- Julie

"It's not just those who are attacked that are the victims. When my husband was attacked, my whole world fell apart. He had changed so much as a result and it was coming to the stage where I was going to leave and take our children with me. Don took the time to explain what had happened to my husband and why he was the way he was. Later, my husband and I were able to sit down with our children and talk about the problems that we had encountered.

I now have my husband back..." 

- Steve's wife

"...I had been going through a messy divorce and was traumatised by that and other events in my life. Don worked with me and helped me to recover as well as teaching me techniques to help..."

 - Paul

"I can't thank Don enough. I had been traumatised by a large dog while walking home one night. Since that incident, I had developed a fear of dogs, irrespective of their size. Don worked with me and helped me overcome this fear..." 

- Carole

"I had been driving my car on the motorway and had to stop as traffic in front had come to a standstill. Unfortunately, the car behind, didn't. Apart from whiplash, I was okay.

When I started driving again, sometime after the accident, I became very anxious and was constantly aware of cars behind me. I was obsessed that they would drive into me as well.

Don worked with me and now I am driving all over the country as part of my work..." 

- J.C.

"…A family member died, someone to whom I was really close… After the funeral I shut myself away in my bedroom… I would only come out to use the bathroom and to fetch food at meal times. 

I remember the sessions with Don clearly. He listened to my story and then explained about grieving... we had about 8 sessions together in total. By the time we had finished, I was out and about again, getting on with my life..." 

- P.C.

"…I had been involved in a car accident while returning from holiday. After that, I could not sit in a car or any form of transport without feeling over anxious, worrying about whether or not it would happen again.

Don helped me to recover from this and now I have no worries about travelling..." 

- John

"…I had been referred for counselling as it was believed that I had been traumatized by the act of being 'groomed' by someone older…

During the session, I revealed that I hadn't been groomed… and that feelings for this person were mutual. Don listened to my story and helped me to prepare myself for telling those close to me. He did not judge me in any way. He accepted me for what I am, a human being.

Thank you so much..."

- K.D.

"...I didn't realise it, but for years I had been suffering from PTSD due to being bullied at school. Don helped me overcome various anxieties which stemmed from the historic abuse..."

- D.J.

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